Servicing the state of North Carolina 

Professionally move your utility building across the yard or across the state... 

 We have more than 18 years experience moving and setting up utility buildings, gazebos and playhouses. Can move up to 12 x 24 building as long as they are under 11 ft tall and have skids. Skids can be added for extra charge. Will move and setup anywhere in the state for reasonable fee.

Building over 11 ft tall can only be moved in yards as they are to tall on my equipment for North Carolina highways. 

 We carry business insurance and N.C. state required "wide load permit" for up to 12 ft wide..... buildings,playhouses, and gazebos

Can Move playhouses and gazebos under 11 ft high anywhere in state for reasonable fee.

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 My name is Joe Baker owner and operator of B&B TRANSPORT...I have been moving  setting up utility buildings in Central North Carolina for more than 15 years ... I have business insurance and carry the required North Carolina "WIDE LOAD PERMITS" for 12 wide buildings.....State law only allows 13 ft 6 " height on highways therefore I can only move a storage building, playhouse, or gazebo up to 11 ft tall . Other movers maybe able to use over height permits,pilot cars, and personnel that requires more money, taking the roof off is another option... Moving a tall building within a yard or yards is possible...I operate  in the state of North Carolina  ONLY  ,  as I  do not have permits or requirements for other states...I will carry your utility building and set it up anywhere in the state for a reasonable fee....   Skids also called runners make a building portable and are a must for me to load  on my equipment..Skids  are long beems under the floor system running from one end to the other.. Some have different numbers of skids 2 is most common 3 or 5 are used also depending on who made the building. There are several types,some 4 x 4s  or 2 x 6 sandwiched are most common..

For more information please contact us with the following information:

 The size of item you want moved (height at tallest point, width at widest point incuding the overhanges, and length at longest point .  Where the shed, gazebo, playhouse, etc. is being moved from and to.      How is the the general land conditions at the location you are moving the building , gazebo , or playhouse from and too?  Is it sloping, flat? Does it have a fence or trees? There has to be enough room for a 40 ft truck and trailer to work . Room enough for the 13ft 6 inch height with building on trailer to manuver with things like bushes and trees .  Water sprinklers septic tanks etc?  Please give me all the info you can..... 

 Over 6000 buildings moved

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